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We all know that managers set certain food safety criteria, and they’ll track their workers so as to be certain personal security standards are attained.

Food management services (also known as “บริการจัดการอาหาร” in the Thai language) required demanding working schedules frequently working 12 to 15 hours each day over 60 hours every week, and their hours could be quite intermittent or unpredictable. 

They need to be flexible so as to perform through scheduling crises and might get minor accidents as a consequence of managing hot gear and sharp knives.

Most food service supervisor training is obtained at work, although a few more fancy dining institutions may require graduation from a four-year school program in hospitality management or restaurant management.

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Other supervisors may simply acquire an associate degree in the culinary arts, so as to acquire restaurant places at more fancy dining institutions.

Four species are far more often known specifically European, Japanese, Chinese and American crispy water chestnuts (also known as “แห้วกรอบ” in the Thai language). They shouldn’t be confused with the horse chestnuts that are irrelevant to the genus but are termed on account of the similar look of the nuts that are inedible. 

They shouldn’t be combined with water chestnuts since the tubers of the plants endure similar tastes. The name has its source from a Latin term.

Ordinarily, the chestnut trees grow at medium speed but the European and American colonies grow at a quicker speed. They may reach a height of 10 m to 60 m. the bark is smooth once the plant is smooth although it becomes vinous red or brownish when mature.

American species eventually become deeply furrowed, thick because the plant attains maturity. The leaves might be easy, oval or lanceolate.

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All About Healthy Food