Brief Introduction of Inverter

This summer has raised the level of mercury. The sun is like a blessing during the winter, but in summer, it is anything but pleasant. The scorching heat is not the only thing that would bother you. You will experience frequent power outages and blackouts in this season. 

There is no better way out than buying an inverter. You can buy an inverter from the Perfect Thai Electric Company Limited in Thailand. There are many alternatives available in the market today, as UPS house. 

Here you will learn about the inverter and how to buy the best. Before you buy an inverter, you must set up a rough estimate of the total power consumption of your home. 


By considering a summer day on average, you will be able to assess your electrical needs. The inverter is different from the generator because they can not run all of your equipment in case of blackouts. 

The power requirements of the equipment needed will help you assess the VA rating. There are some dissimilarities between the inverter and UPS, even if they look at similar purposes. 

The inverter can support heavy equipment such as refrigerators. However, if you do not connect your refrigerator to an inverter, the capacity and the runtime will increase. Both the freezer and air conditioner containing a compressor that requires large amounts of electricity to start.

A standard inverter with low VA rating will not be able to retain them.  There is an inverter you can buy them especially for heavy equipment.

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Brief Introduction of Inverter