Dive Resorts

No dive resort should be without a hyperbaric chamber available to treat the unfortunate diver that gets decompression illness. Sadly however, the costs involved are not funded by the community that benefits so much by the presence of divers and so those suffering have to travel often large distances to obtain treatment, at times arriving too late to make a full recovery. The presence of a Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher at the local medical center would make a big difference. Those that get early treatment will recover almost immediately and the more serious cases can still be evacuated to the nearest multiplace chamber while receiving their therapy under pressure. Divers should never be far from recompression. The bends can occur at any time not necessarily when abusing the tables. Additionally treatment for other conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning can also be treated there and then.


For those that enjoy diving, and who spend time on live-aboards often in remote locations that provide great diving, the presence of a Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher on board brings peace of mind to all those aboard participating in the sport. When things go wrong, the benefit of early recompression greatly reduces the likelihood of more severe illness leading to possible permanent disabilities. When close to civilization, the casualty can then be taken to a hyperbaric chamber by helicopter or other transport, already receiving the therapy that he or she would probably only receive a considerable time later. With diving accidents, the time between insult and recompression is of the essence. Should luxury live aboards be without such an important amenity?

Commercial Diving (Inland & Offshore)

For those that derive their livelihood from diving, in which ever field of activity, there are countless rules and regulations covering every aspect of Health and Safety. In many countries these rules are extremely onerous. The regulations are intended to make the task in hand safer. With a Hyperlite on site, and with a trained operator, no one need doubt the value and integrity of the equipment. It is designed and built to the highest standards and can be used anywhere in the world and is unmatched in meeting the Standards.

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