Technology Overview

Technology Overview


  • Flexible hyperbaric chamber with a 3 ATA operating pressure
  • Provides 100% oxygen on demand through a BIBS mask or hood
  • Suitable for deployment at fire and mine accident scenes and emergency dive recovery sites

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  • Lightness and ability to fold
  • Treatment starts immediately and it is a transfer under pressure (TUP) capsule
  • Stored in a box that is only one quarter of the operational length
  • Can pass directly into almost any therapy chamber for transfer under pressure
  • The unit is self-sealing and becomes rigid at minimal pressures
  • Large windows provide good internal lighting for operator monitoring
  • A full two-way communications system and a medical lock
  • Injured or sick patients may be transferred into and out of the unit using a drag mattress
  • Pulse oximetry, SpCO, ECG/EKG, IV and temperature are available
  • Easy to assemble and to operate with proper training
  • Cost effective


The SOS Hyperlite Hyperbaric Stretcher & Treatment System significantly improves the chances of survival and full recovery, enhancing treatment and saving lives even in the most extreme circumstances.

The Hyperlite is the only non-metallic portable flexible hyperbaric chamber system manufactured and certified to ASME PVHO-1 standards. The Hyperlite provides unparalleled treatment provision to emergency medical personnel and civilians alike. From hospital emergency department to front line casualty evacuation, the Hyperlite system is proven to deliver highly effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) to treat a multitude of conditions. Rapidly deployed within minutes, Hyperlites are the lightest and lowest bulk systems capable of a full range of hyperbaric therapies available anywhere in the world.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Hyperlites are the market leading product of choice for medical professionals needing to deliver and sustain life saving treatments in any situation.

New for 2009 is innovative technology that makes the unit lighter, stronger, more robust and easier to use. In storage, the new SOS Hyperlite’s footprint is less than 2/3rds its former size and some 35kg (77lb) lighter, allowing for much easier transport from site to site.

The new pressure tube has been developed with new joint venture partners – RFD Beaufort Limited, part of the Survitec Group, world leaders in life saving equipment, whose expertise in braided VectranTM fiber technology has made this development possible.

The unit can be assembled from its cases and be operational within minutes to transport a patient to the nearest medical facility while breathing oxygen under pressure. Alternatively, hyperbaric oxygen treatment can be completed at the accident site.


It is very important to us that all Hyperlite users are trained in its operation. Those who are already trained as DMTs or CHTs will understand the system and be able to operate the unit in less than a day. We can provide full training by experienced professionals to suit your requirements.

The training course will cover the following:

  1. How to assemble, operate and pack up the Hyperlite.
  2. Safety and Emergency Procedures.
  3. Medical aspects of the various treatment protocols


Maintenance of our units shall be performed by Approved Service Agents.

The maintenance requirements for the Hyperlite are minimal, with a two yearly regulator service and gauge recalibration. The unit should be checked over prior to packing it up after each use. Timed life items include the flexible tube assembly and windows at ten years, with a possible extension on the windows to a maximum of 20 years, subject to their being in good condition. Any maintenance or repairs carried out by non-qualified personnel will render the warranty invalid.

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Technology Overview